Are Flying Builds OP?

Birt 27 júl 2019
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Flight is one of the most powerful abilities to ever evolve. What makes it so busted? Find out in this video!
Special thanks to Template88 for the pixel art!
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  • Are humans the only mammals who doesn't have wings that can fly?

  • *1:55**if the sound wasn’t enough of an indicator. That duck just got clapped.*

  • a drawback of flying:'It costs much energy'

  • Did anyone else see the mtg reference at 1:00

  • Remember Ricky. The field mouse is fast, but the owl sees at night

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  • btw humans can fly 2 *jet noises intensifies*

  • Falco: **watching this** Also Falco: *"Personally, I prefer the air."*

  • 2:35 song ?

  • ant: *walks* something: peek a boo ant:AHH! *yeets off into space*

  • lol, when cat just layed down in defeat.... kinda like me trying to find a girl who likes me. so relatable 3:00

  • If cats use their skill points on mobility then they could probably jump higher and get the bird

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  • Hmmmm

  • I wanna start maining cheeta and i wondered if a good flying build can beat a ok cheeta main

  • This video is just animals falling over for 7 mins

  • :50-1:00 is an OP meta-visual.

  • Many flying builds have recently been soft-countered by humans due to their high intelligence stat often making obstacles such as planes, skyscrapers, or even their ability to make almost invisible walls known as windows. Plus the [shotgun] tool can usually get a few eliminations.

  • Pokemo P

  • Is this why the theorycrafted "dragon" buld is so strong? All of the advantages, but little to no weakness/drawback?

    • Well, as a fan of one of the fanmade ‘kaiju dragons’ it’s true, one in particular has the power to kill an ancient huge nuclear lizard. The weakness for it would seem to be getting teamed on however.

  • Flying is 🧀

    • Flying is a loaf of sharp curdled milk

  • Why didn't you show the clip that came right after about the Arctic goose when the Arctic goose chiks jump of the cliff and like fall 300ft and just like bounce of the rocks and then just walk away

  • Birds having hollow bones to make them lighter is a misconception. Turns out bird skeletons actually weigh about the same as regular bones; their bone material is actually more dense so they can be hollow without being weaker. Turns out, the reason birds have hollow bones is because the bones are actually part of how they take in oxygen, which they need a lot of in order to fly.

  • One other drawback of flight that was not mentioned is the huge energy requirements compared to non-flying mammal types. Thankfully, the way-increased mobility usually compensates nicely.

  • I see eagles or other mighty birds use their legs or beaks as their best defenses. So any sharp pointed part of their bodies can be use as a weapon just like other mammals down below.

  • If your a hawk your crowned as queens loyal hungering bird of her palase and gets dinner and it’s a federal crime to hurt the bird

  • Imagine being so bad at making up your build you evolve wings but can't use them to fly LMAO

  • As an eagle build myself, I can say that flight is OP and needs to be nerfed Edit: NO NO NO GET RID OF THE WINDMILLS PLEASE

  • 1:35 critical attack

  • Legends say mario is still ducking

  • Poor bee

  • Here's a fun fact, puffins are flying birds don't have hollow bones, but it means that if they eat too much they can't take off.

  • poor bee :'(

  • 2:59 Either the cat thought the bird was a Hawk, or the cat was so tired it just said fuck it.

  • 4:11 that bird was t-bagging.

  • Mountain goat op


  • Humans have flight. Jetpack

  • It would be very useful if you got location prompts in real life lol

  • What is your favourite build.

  • Imagine a flying tank build...

  • theory: humans were a balancing patch

  • 0:33 Bird: flies away** Cat: *DIES*

  • Swiggity swooty 3:23

  • so, technically are humans also flying builds. I mean they have airplanes and jets

  • Intelligence is OP

  • Bro, im from Brasil and I just love your channel

  • guys, before pretending to be another animal other than a human, keep in mind that you had to be a human to comment on youtube, you can't troll me, you chose human just to comment! MWAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAAHAHAHHHAHHAHH!!!

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  • eagle tier list when?

  • I mean trees and you have to talk about plants on mushrooms or germs I'll do any other power steering I'm way bad at the game can you you do a plant video

  • 5:36 when you finally man up and shoot your shot

  • Imagine how terrifying it is for a turtle to fall from that height

  • by documentaries he means gameplay videos right?

  • 1:22 what a juke 👏

  • Not op but good

  • I don't remember where I read this, but I recall reading that the fastest animal on Earth is a cow that has been dropped from a helicopter. I think it was either Dave Barry or Douglas Adams.

  • Could you do a video on the virus build?

  • Note: Fish can fly

  • It unsubbed me from you for some reason

  • But what about the Bar-tailed Godwit? Longest non-stop flight and they get as high as 6,000 meters while doing it.

  • Flying fish

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  • The hollow bone isn't mainly for light weight, its actually for oxygen intake. Air sacks are attached to the hollow spaces of the birds bones. So its like extended lungs

  • What about the flying fish?

  • I'm a sucker for the crow/raven build as they rank very high in the intelligence stat allowing them access to the tool skill and easier puzzle-solving and they are super adaptable to different biomes. My friend is a chicken player for the daily egg bonus and the nice feather clothing varieties.

  • me vibing to the pokemon music in the beginning.

  • Tierzoo: Uploads Me a snake main: *swiggidy swoo*

  • Poor bee

  • I played as a bird and then died in the first few days so I just spawned as a human instead

  • bugs get crush easily is just some are really fast

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  • You didn't surprisingly didn't mention that since man is the only class that has unlocked ranged attack, a bird in flight is immune to all terrestrial classes except humans.

  • Is owl op? Because They use the skill point to eye and silence of their wings

  • Lol, he said mountain goats aren't aggressive. We've clearly met very different mountain goats...

  • People who think anything at all is OP need to go read Journey to the West. The only OP thing in all of existence is Son Woo Kong. Nothing else is even close to OP.

  • See thats why i have my FOV on Quake Pro

  • 0:25 I used to watch that show all the time

  • 3:23. Swiggity swooty I’m comin for the botty

  • *test*

  • Does the flying fish count as the marines version of a flying build? Although low tier garbage.

  • H


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  • Flying is what makes birds so awesome 😎

  • 3:00 Cat player misses the bird player and rage quits

  • Flight also has high intimidation against humans! A sparrow once got in our house and it scared us just by trying to fly away!

  • I want this as a literal game.


  • we crows will win one day

  • We need a bird tier list

  • If insects had lungs, they would be OP

  • Lmao that bee in the start!

  • I think the best reasoning as to why birds are op is their ability to spec into their looks and mating rituals. Not many other builds are able to sacrifice so many evolution points into abilities that offer no actual survival bonuses.

  • Humans have also unlocked flight, although it requires a lot of materials to craft the relevant mounts. These are usually high in hp, armor and pure speed, but lacks in manoeuvrability. There are also very few single player flight options. But so far, humans are the only ones to unlock high altitude flight and space flight, even though there are currently very few xp sources and collectibles in those zones.

  • Who was they guy who died because a bird thought his bald head was rock so it dropped a turtle on tthem

  • Flights all fun in games until the human brings out the AA gun

  • I actually wish this was a real game I could play