The Fish Tier List

Birt 5 okt 2020
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VFX: RisunoGG
Music: Flute Salad cover by @LudiGamez
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  • 4:40 goddamn lioness instantly regretted making a move.

  • Id love to see a follow up video including the airipaima and similar tanky fish like sturgeon, the classic coelacanth, and lungfish, and puffers, parrot fish, and groupers.

  • Id love to see a follow up video including the airipaima and similar tanky fish like sturgeon, the classic coelacanth, and lungfish, and puffers, parrot fish, and groupers.

  • Sun fishes are literally and metaphorically half a fish

  • TierZoo: I won't include sharks because I did another video on them also TierZoo: *Includes Archerfish in every 3-4 videos*

  • Bro don’t get mad at the flying fish mains they just like flying as fish it’s a meme meta don’t get mad at them for enjoying the game

  • 11:37 one-chomped.

  • Moray eels aren't fish. Aha! You didn't think of that did you?

  • If I was going to play outside I would choose the flying fish just for fun not real survival

  • Make the bird tier list

  • Who can make a game like this i love it plz make tish game ):

  • Yuo*

  • The Archerfish be like: TF2 sniper

  • We need more tier list of the next updates

  • The Megladon is clearly the most op, of it was still alive

  • I remember Watching one of his videos high as a kite for the first time and wondering what kinda crazy advanced and unbalanced game this was

  • Sharks?

  • When are you doing a speed run walkthrough in ”fish: feed and grow”?

  • I know a guy playing the fish faction, hes almost max level

  • The precious tie bacteriologically measure because dew intraperitonally answer near a cuddly temper. well-groomed, difficult buzzard

  • when biologist are passionate on gaming

  • Where da puffer fish doe?

  • I didn’t know seahorses were fish or that catfish were venomous. Also how are moray eels immune to lion fish venom?

  • Bro I just thought out like the perfect way a game like this could actually work and it would be beautiful

  • I think I’ll stay with the ‘HUMAN’ build

  • If you put the groupers in there I would put it in low A tier or B tier

  • How do I change my build?

  • Can u pls stop saying "dataminers" ? I like to imagine this game is libre (free as in freedom) and open-source, datamining implies its proprietary :(

  • As an archerfish main, I must say I’ve had way too many games end early because of being forced to the surface. That said, sniping insects is one of the most fun things to do and is why I love the archerfish.

  • Why does muskelunge sound like a Pokémon lol

  • I main the human class, can you make a vid about that? Human is my favorite class!

  • Cat fish is A tier. They are in pretty much every freshwater body on earth that has other fish and sometimes they are even the only fish that can survive in some areas

  • Pufferfish got done dirty

  • welp. just lost a 1v1 with a fisherman as a sheepshead.. great.

  • I main the rarely appreciated and forgotten Oarfish class.

  • 13:09 orca>great white shark

  • im so confused... is he talking bout a game or real life?xD

  • What about the alligator gar ??

  • I think wall eye are b tier And musky b tier too

  • Am what about lungs fish or Electric type fish aka Electric eel electric catfish

  • How about electric Ell

  • Okay I just found this channel at 5:47 in the morning and I AM IN LOVE. I spent so many years on RuneScape, love animals / learning about them, and this commentary / video style is over the top 👌🏽💯Bless you guys

  • 👍

  • I love this

  • A sunfish is fast asf when it wants to be, search up a video of one actually swimming fast.

  • is this game on switch or is like pc exclusive

  • He only said sailfish and swordfish? What about Marlins? They are faster than the other 2-

  • Bruh i miss clonk game

  • This channel’s one video teaches more 2x more stuff than my entire school career

  • I would love to see a yasou coming for the airborn fly fish

  • The whale shark is a is a fish though 😐

  • Bro what game is this


  • love your videos but what about the garfish? they are different than muskies. just curious not mad

  • HAH i saw a among us reference

  • These are new comments

  • The purpose of the ocean sunfishIs to be a damage sponge

  • What about the Arapaima? It's got very good skin for defense

  • okay, this needs to be a game

  • the dolphin is pretty good (not the whale build the fish build)

  • 10:28 THEY EAT CATS???

  • 15:48 where can I find these nude videos of which you speak?

  • What game was that

  • Once again, swordies are top tier...

  • How did I get here

  • hey guys not really relevant to the video but it’s 342 in the morning and i’m high as fuck and it’s storming and there was a huge lightning strike right next to my house just now and it scared me as a was dozing off to this video so now i’m just chilling on this video because i’m paranoid rn

  • Why is this in my recommended?

  • I just kinda remember Pokemon 😁

  • Bird mains😂😂😂

  • But archer fish are possibly the smartest fish out there!

  • Great video but man I did notice a lack of alligators gars in this video

  • 11:35 the piranha eyes pop out. Like: oh uh, I’m really screwed now

  • 11:36 gnarly lmao look at its' eyes pop out

  • Yo i need some context on the cat clip, is he good? Like tf.

  • plot twist: as tetrapods like us are just an overdeveloped side branch of fish, homo sapiens is the most overpowered fish build in the game.

  • coment for statistic. Great vid

  • Thanks @Tierzoo! Love it.

  • How about Garfish

  • I still don't understand why the tier list goes S, A, B, C, D, F? Why not just A to F? Very strange. Maybe it makes some sense in some obscure game world I've not seen.

  • A seahorse is a fish?!

  • Dude watching these videos high makes me think I found a glitch In the system and am watching the behing the scene non-simulated youtube

  • Humans are one of the builds in the game than can take out mooray eels, you justAvoid some attacks of the eel next when he comes to bite you, Grab it and everything turns easy peasy as long as you don't let it go or it bites you Pro tip: Strangle it once you grab the eel

  • are the cartoony bite graphics really necessary....?

  • No amount of sheltering naturally forms this. It exaggerates itself and plays coy.

  • TBH Catfish have too many skins, imo they should focus on making fish with better abilities

  • Love the Wii Sports music😂😂

  • Electric eel should be an s tier fish

  • Blobfish

  • 11:36 fish said 👁️ 👄 👁️

  • Runescape.... that brings back memories.

  • Where Tuna

  • As a player with a level 1398 Archer Fish I can so easily knock small birds out of the sky no I cant eat them but I get some decent exp

  • Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

  • These made my biology teacher laugh xdddd

  • The name of the game is feed and grow fiche

  • There a game like this video is feed and grow fiche

  • "bro ur lookin kinda sus go do your tasks" 8:03

  • that intro was amazing

  • What a video