The Dinosaur Tier List

Birt 31 ágú 2019
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Documentaries used:
Leaps in Evolution (CuriosityStream)
The Ballad of Big Al (BBC)
Walking with Dinosaurs (BBC)
Planet Dinosaur (BBC)
When Dinosaurs Roamed America (Discovery)
Dinosaur Revolution (Discovery)
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  • Spino was patched recently

  • I mean spinosaurus can take on carcara and has a chance of killing it. But I'd rather have spino on c or b tier because not much is known about the spino and spino might be even more heavier than t rex.The fact that spino existed waaaay before t rex did, makes it extremely difficult to find its remains. For now spino is that largest carnivore and t rex is the heaviest and spino has a good chance that it might be 50percent more heavier than rex.

  • It's difficult to downgrade semiaquatic builds based on their disadvantages on land. Just as crocodiles nowadays don't need to out-compete or out-combat land predators, Spinosaurs may have been apex predators in large river systems. You wouldn't downgrade a Mosasaur based on it being poor on land! Excellent video, thank you!

  • Where’s the raptors

  • I'm surprised Rex didn't get the A tier evolution bump being the last and most dominant before the server wipe. I also thought Velociraptor would be in the S tier, easily.

  • This still bugs me because none of the dinosaurs are totally accurate and are still skin draped over bones

  • When will we have an ant/insect tier list?

  • no, the footage is from the game

  • T-rex be like: Spawn kills velociraptor Velociraptor: teams and recks

  • How the fuck did the t-rex not get put in the top tier

  • The spino being in D tier is bull shit

  • Excuse me? Spinosaurus had a strong enough claw attack to shatter the skull of most dinosaurs alive during its time. Not to mention that size advantage made it nearly invulnerable to predators that were much smaller than it.

  • I dont think the spino should be in D tier and should be in C,B or A cause first of all it didnt look like that

  • I feel Allosaurus is a B tier

  • I feel spinosaurs is a B/C tier

  • Dinosaur’s are mor bird like actually

  • 4:44 Tyrannohorse rex

  • anyone here from the dinosaur update?

  • Speed and attack was always my favorite build

  • What song is at the end of the video? It was from an educational tv show...

  • Nah the Spino was tough as hell their jaw and bite strength helped them shred everyone

  • What is this game called?

  • What is this game called?

  • I feel like the spino should of been at least a c tier

  • How do we know so much about dinosaur intelligence and behaviour? After all we only have skeletons and deducing intelligence from brain/skull size doesn't have the greatest track record...

  • Me: *sees Dryo in F tier* Also Me: *laughs In The isle*

  • The end tiers are stupid

  • I like the botw reference in the beginning

  • Para los que vieron jurassic park 3 hay que aclarar que el espinosaurio de esa pelicula estaba geneticamente modificado con otras especies por eso era tan OP, ademas de que tenia esa forma por las modificaciones geneticas porque asi no se veria un Espinosaurio

  • 10:40 can someone tell me where this music is from?

    • here its the bo2 music i think

  • I meant like why do you think everything is a video game

  • Interested why you think that life is not video game

  • Ok this guy is a loves video games a little bit too much

  • The bo2 music tho 🔥🤩

  • This isn't actually a youtube channel, this is god explaining his game of Sims.

    • @Abyssal Scion god is horrible at the game

    • That would explain why we act like idiots.

  • Newly discovered facts about the Spinosaurus is that it could breath under water and was much larger then we thought

  • You can clearly see the difference in graphics from back then to the current state of the game. Man, Outside has come so far.

  • A couple new things have arrived about the spinosaurus. I think it belongs in high B to mid A, maybe higher. Much like crocodilians dominate modern charts with stealth, water capabilities, and occasional fishing (especially prominent in the salt water based crocodiles). This mixed with their size, mobility, and tail fluke means they could be effective swimmers and possibly competition to crocodiles or even some shark species. This contradicts other common spinosaurid strategies like the Suchimimus of Baryonyx strategy consisting of sitting by the waters edge and fishing from there while the spinosaurus is a bale to for out farther for larger fish and a high amount of said fish.

  • 9:03 you gotta change your tier list. T-Rexs were ambush predators. It has a one hit bite and a high stealth skill

  • No one: The 2 largests dinos' names in the chart in 1:02 : *Futalognkosaurus and Dreadnoughtus schrani.*

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  • What game is this?

  • Time to reconsider Spino stats

  • Spinosaurus needs a relook given the new information that came out in the past year. I think they were probably too specialized but they would have dominated their environment and that should put then at least in C tier. Their semi-aquatic abilities make it a super cool build at least.

  • Who knew Littlefoot was S-Tier all along

  • Ark players: Thats not true, everyone knows the giga is the most powerful dino WtFAc

  • me: noo u cant just make spino a bad tier! its a real big match to a max lvl rex ;-; tier zoo: haha spino go BrRrRr (spino is my fav B])

    • Its because when this video was made we didnt know as much about spinosaure

  • Ankle gang

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  • Can you do monster verse tier list please

  • Wait... if higher intelligence means your brain consumes more energy...and men use 400-500 and women use 350-400 daily... 0.0 i dont wanna finish this thought

  • Someone make this entire channel into an actual game XD

  • I like the black ops 2 music

  • Well data miners have found that Spinosaurus was closer to a croc or alligator in play style and built with a much greater focus on the water

  • lizard people !!! they can exist !!!! lol :P hmm that should have been in the "Cryptid Tier List" @14:00

  • T. rex s tier

  • Not long after the video was made we found evidence that spinosaurus were more aquatic based than we originally thought, acting more like giant crocodiles that were almost entirely aquatic.

  • how do we know anything at all about intelligence of dinosaurs?

  • gigas were stronger than t rexes too because they had lots of points into bleed and speed and were the size of a t rex

  • bro just saw this and found my new fav channel

  • bro Spinosaurus where thought to have a low bite force caus they eat fish but in reality the spino is bigger then the t rex and has a respectable bite force and it main ability being it's sharp nails that can cut fish easily though the spinosaurs is no doubt near as powerful as the t rex but that doesn't matter a dinosaur with good abilty in it's time and how effective it is i would say that the Spinosaurus should be solid A tier.

  • I think you forgot the most important part of the Allosaurus' playstyle, being stealthy attacks that results in a one shot for almost all classes except sauropods, it's speed can help a quick but efficient assault, overall pretty balanced kit for players that don't just rush and try to wait for the right opportunity, it still would have needed a slight mobility nerf to match the stamina.

  • This guy thinks earth is a game.

  • this gy makes it fun to learn about fauna

  • Bro Spinosaurus Should be at least B


  • Hi, what tier would a Gigantosaurus place?

  • my favorite dinosaur character (Or really part of the prehistoric maritime pack), Hatzegopteryx would have a Rank B. It's model size is bigger than the Quetzalcoatlus and is taller than most long necked dinosaur characters. It can snatch small players with it's beak with ease and earn easy XP. One of the disadvantages of this maritime is that even with their long beak, it won't stand a chance with large carnivorous characters, and dispite their size their health is moderately large. Their flying speed isn't that good either. But their handling defense is great.

  • only beta males use no skill pred mains

  • Wdym game

  • Spinosaurus are like grizzlybear, big, strong, apex, eat mainly fish. No way they on D grade, wtf.

  • I stumble upon some random articles saying that raptor aren't pack hunters. The quantity of Carbon Isotopes on their teeth are in different amount in comparison to adults from young ones, indicating a different diet. The difference on the amount of carbon 12 & 14 concludes that raptor mostly behave like komodo dragons- opportunistic feeders.

    • Just like black bears and brown bears

  • And we thought we were OP

  • the meta was getting stale.. lol

  • I see that you put the spinosaurus as a low tier. However, you’re wrong.

  • This channel is definitely S tier

  • i dont like land i like water

  • Man wtf a spinosauraus just ate me

  • The damage and elimination effects makes me laugh

  • Back ground Music at 0:55 ???????

  • *Spinosaurus* *SUCKS!!!!!*

  • 12:33 Trying to wake up your pissed off older brother:

  • couldn’t get the Bo2 multiplayer theme song out my head this whole video hearing it in the background lol

  • I ageee but I think T. rex should be higher

  • him: spinosaurus had to go on land modern day spino: hold my beer

  • why does the dino have magnesis

  • please note that sauropods travel in herds

  • Spinosaurus is at least b teir... size and claws do A TON!!!

  • Anyone who has played Ark know my boi Therizino will rip your face off!

  • So you’re telling me .... I’m retarded because I am solitary ?

  • Spino better that charcaradontasaurus

  • Bro!! The eye witness music at the end was an amazing touch to this video format and a blast of nostalgia that hit me! I love that show so much and the theme song and opening were so damn rad! Good stuff!

  • Do marine dinosaurs

    • penguins...?

  • Recent research implies the Spinosaurus WAS fully aquatic. Fossil parts for the tail have been found to suggest this.

  • This channel is so good man

  • What game is this called

  • 8:12 that isn’t true. Many other animals had even more bite force such as Purrasaurus or Predator X

  • Spino wasn’t useless on land. Although he didn’t usually hunt on land he had huge Sharp claws capable of killing a lot of other dinosaurs

  • the reptile build. lost me there, don't you mean bird?

  • This should get updated as archaeologists found that a spino could infact be a aquatic build. As the tail is more big suited to swimming under water