Are Bats OP?

Birt 30 des 2020
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  • Micro and Megabats seem to be swapped at ~2:20

    • @TierZoo They are no longer divided in micro/megabats, but Yinpterochiroptera and Yangochiroptera.

    • @Google's name policy is Bullshit HAHAHA

    • @Taalen oh, yes, i was supposed to edit that comment because the grammar is a little off.

    • @Google's name policy is Bullshit You're repeating yourself ;) Wasn't that one of the first comments, also by you?

    • @Google's name policy is Bullshit no he's a microbat and his waifu is hinata. For another reason.

  • Biology via game logistics.... you should earn some credit from universities

  • Get fucking checkmated, moth!

  • Im new here. When he said "bat player" did he mean that every animal is played by someone? So carnivours are just cannibals?

  • Sombody’s gonna have to make an actual game out of this

  • Can you do a lemur tier list and can you also do a laphorid ( rabbit) tier list

  • Okay, I've watched enough Tierzoo to become addicted. I've got to sign up for Curiosity Stream and Nebula. Now $14.79, so > $12, but still insanely cheap. Thanks Tierzoo.

  • Me: sees tierzoo add the biggest bat specie into microbats Also me: BRUH

  • *there are lot of c gaming references"

  • Okay, but fruit bats are adorable though!~

  • They are right Don't blame bats blame the humans

  • So... crobat is a good representation for this class?

  • Tire zoo if you could code would you make a game were you could play as any animal guild each with their special abilities

  • make more cetacean videos

  • Who does the sprite art on this channel?

  • Shows virus originating in China: DEMONETISED AND STRIKED

  • Moth: Phew I am camouflaged Bat: *Im using surveillance radar*


  • Sometimes I wish the “game” the guy was making videos about was a legit game

  • I just realised he’s using the Batman cartoon’s theme and this video got to an 11/10

  • Why did you not speak of flying fox ?! Could they be good oponant against bird ??????!!!!!!! Maybe the dev did not put them in the game but i hope one day i can play a flying fox !

  • bats are by far the newest flyers. im sure they have yet to really come into their own.

  • Interesting how most humans have an inert reaction to covid just like the bat. Guess we just gloss over that....

  • But bats can be a rare support class for humans due too the humans tendicy too like anything fluffy

  • Its basically a flying rat guys

  • I thought you were going to rank batman, i have been flat out deceived

  • Still a mammal being able to fly is impressive gotta give them credit

  • Imagine they make this into an actual game

  • The new viruz expanssion made bats pretty op

  • I am so glad I searched up bats today because watching this video is the greatest thing I've done all day, this is pure gold. 👌

  • The fact you used the black ops II menu theme while explaining echolocation cracks me up

  • Can't believe human players eat that.

  • ..... I feel sorry for 👍

  • What huge nerfs on humans do you mean? The 3 people who got booted by Covid? Nah, the worst part about this pandemic is the human reaction to it. This disease is pretty much harmless when compared to what could have been, yet politicians around the globe saw it fit to destroy the global economy and erode peoples rights to almost unprecedented degrees.

  • Imagine making a web, only to have an asshole rip out your food and your web.

  • Best channel on ISchats.

    • No please don’t I have a family

    • Free electronics and oil i see

  • Bats be like: sonic boom

  • I'd say bats are better off than you're giving them credit for. You don't reach a popularity of about ~25% of all mammal builds without doing something pretty well.

  • Bats are op they need a nerf

  • This channel is so good its so creative

  • 8:39 of course dont blame bats, blame the Chinese government

  • Echolocation kinda op needs a small nerf cuz they can run for a while

  • I've heard that bats have very LOW decease resistance, meaning their immune system doesn't self destruct the main body. It's supposedly used (not used) to counter the high stamina use of flying as a mammal. This makes the bat not resistant to decease but more enduring.

  • What does op mean?

    • @xertul whaaaaaaat

    • @Knutos32 overpowered*

    • One punch

  • The game is called "Earth" and its only 2.99$.

  • im trying to create a dragon build using bats my last attempt using lizard did not go so well the closest i got was the komodo dragon but i could not get enough for wings, starting with the bat has been so much easier all i have to do is spec into scales and maybe venom spit and im set, maybe specing into size to

  • Humans uses flashlights to see in the dark eagles have eyes that can see in the dark bats aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaa

  • I think Orcas are broken/OP

  • bats got the humans on lock with their covid ability

  • rework bats >:((

  • Bats tried to make a run for 1st place.

  • The Players Got Ban so the bats could be banned next

  • 2:56 "Greatly increased accuracy" you say? I knew that 55 accuracy on Supersonic was bullshit.

  • So Bats is just a flying RFID Transmitter.

  • Hejdjdj

  • 'crack the code' you're a genius xd

  • Where do you think bats would land on your city tier list?

  • No more internet for today

  • Only humans affected by the sheep debuff were nerfed in 2020.

  • earlier this meta some of my human partymates went down because of the viruses in the bats.nuff said

  • I watch your videos because RS soundtrack, keep up the great work

  • Bats are the only counter to humans which already makes them good, combine that with coverage for other common dominant forces, you got a good animal

  • I’d be a spectral bat main. You get to be the size of a megabat but still retain the class specific abilities of a microbat.

  • Love the COD Black Ops soundtrack!

  • The mega bat looks like a sky puppy. I kinda want to pet one

  • They’re the greatest counters to the human build in the Philippines server. They’re intimidation ability literally carries them through in the server.

  • so today i learned that megabats are sky doggies

  • STOP EATING BATS you fools

  • When will you add bacteria players??

  • So it’s not a first person shooter, but a minimap person shooter?

  • They were op until they got nerfed in the fungus update

  • This is the first video I've seen, a friend referred me. This is some great shit. I'm someone who has much more of a biology than gaming background but love me some good gaming memes, what a crossover. Really impressed by the work going into this, and the presentation; I'm definitely going to recommend to more people! Sadly I cannot afford any Patreons at the moment, but you definitely deserve it.

  • Do a video about bees, wasps, hornets and others like that or just an insect tier list in general.

  • Much appreciated! Bats are fascinating to me!

  • Fungus tierlist when?

  • It wasn't the bat, it was manufactured by the CCP

  • The bats have Max pwr cause corona

  • "The huge nerfs the human player base had to deal with" lol priceless!

  • Bats be like “enemy spotted”.

  • Seeing the traxler used on the side made me happy

  • Do crustacean builds like the pistol shrimp

  • If I See A Bat I Will Click

  • The COVID update is by far the worst in the game yet

    • The worst dlc

  • Lol

  • What about that big ass bat, the Golden Crowned Fox that hijacked that motorcycle a couple years back? Where he stand?

  • Plot Twist: Everything and everyone is really just a character in a videogame, and TierZoo is the only guy aware that each of our lives is basically being played by some unseen gamers.


  • The COVID-19 event is so bad and unnecessarily long. I agree humans need a nerf, but COVID is not it. All it has done is nerf weaker players and make the gameplay boring for the rest of us. Heck, some players have even straight up stopped playing because the game got too boring.

  • If you happen to have Suddenlink as your cable provider, you get Curiosity Stream for free.

  • Bats are flying rats.

  • What about Batman?

  • wow i feel so stupid. I am german and in german Tier means Animal and I just thought about that you could mean Tier like the english word tier and not like Animal and I was blown away...

  • You know for me, a german, you channel name is quite funny, becuase "Tier" is also the geman word for "animal" and "zoo" in german is "zoo"

  • Are bats op? Answer: Yes Pangolins and bats teamed up to make a virus and killed millions

  • Ive been watching some of your videos and man, do i want an actual game like this. It would be so fun.

  • Humanity has gotten a lot of nerfs this year.The biggest nerf is the fact we kill each other

  • 3:51 **Cuts out before bat gets w a c k e d**

  • 3:49 so funny lmao

  • I disagree with your assessment of the vampire bat. Ever since the human playerbase brought agriculture and their domestic support classes to the South American server the vampire bat can easily exploit all the easy loot. Not to mention they are the only bat class that has good terrestrial mobility.

  • Notice how this was the first playerbase to actually nerf the op humans