Were Pterodactyls OP?

Birt 31 ágú 2020
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Pixel Art: template88
Book Of Spells (Oldschool Runescape)
Adrenaline (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)
*Ancient Earth: Mystery of the Feathered Dragons
*Leaps in Evolution
*Walking with Dinosaurs
Flying Monsters 3D
Dinosaur Revolution
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  • bro im lowkey only watching these videos for the nostalgia of runescape with the background music haha

  • Yuo*

  • Im surprised humans haven't been nerfed yet

  • They are pretty shitty in PvP but if they pick you that’s unfortunate

  • rs music in the background, doooopp dooo duuhhhhhh, dooooooooooo durrrrrrrrrrrrrr duuuuuuupe (wild random whistling into a flute instrument of sorts)

  • I used to be a bat main but then i lost interest

  • RuneScape vibes 🎶

  • That let's me wonder, what other abilities had unexpected advantages like feathers. Like how the swim bladder became lungs, opening a totally new meta for the vertebrate builds.

  • Nice ark reference

  • Pterodactyls have been partially unbanned to gliders

  • The ark clip

  • 0:04 - 0:25 *Fall Birds*

  • curection 5 total 2 not playeble dimorphodon is diffrent from pteranodon

  • I want to become a teacher just to talk like this so my students don't get bored lol

  • The blskc ops 2 menue theme is spot on haha

  • Are you ever going to make a real game that people can play and they can make their own creatures

  • Damn ARK is so close to reality accept for the tek stuff ofc

  • Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

  • I like the info but the delivery in the form of video games isn't for me, it's honestly very annoying. But great video

  • The devs employed the mamals that develop wings and feathers and remove them from the earth server.

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  • That skit at the killed me , was so unexpected 😂

  • Its been nice playing with you all these last billions of years .

  • Only ogs remember the Triassic expansion

  • 65 million years ago Mother Nature rage quit and started a new save

  • was that an actual once existing animal at 2:40?

  • That bo2 multiplayer music tho

  • The flying hacker deserved his elimination.

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  • So techincally birds are reptiles

  • So techincally birds are reptiles

  • It's a good panel though for managing game servers 😂 Pterodactyl Panel 😂

  • Why the hell did I choose to play human again?

  • Seriously, most of species in this video are super interesting. You should say their names more often.

  • That music you use a lot is the Eyewitness video intro, isn't it? Haven't heard that shit in years but recognized it immediately, lol.

  • Plz white lions plz plz 🙏😭😭

  • I hope they come back so we can ride them

  • walking with dinosaurs isnt on curiosity stream anymore :*(

  • Awesome video, but pterosaurs have been thought to launch like bats due to their massive keel bone which would basically be like a giraffe sized dino launching itself vertically into the air for about 8 meters into the sky to then take off

  • Couldnt focus to your words the nostalgia from book of spells was too strong

  • honestly.. unlocking the sky is no different from exploiting map hack - deserves to be banned

  • yea my sister was one of the first pterodactyl mains but she never really left the small support role build and after the dinosaurs took over she switched over to birds and shes maining the falcon class as of now

  • They got extinct because of the OP T - R E C T A D A C T Y L

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  • Wait wait wait. Tierzoo actually said the word “animal” in a video???

  • I came here to say.... "I think they were... Pterofying..." Thank you, have a good night!

  • What’s the difference between pteranodon and pterosaurs?

  • Dude, Outside is such a good game. Although when I am offline, I play this cool game called “Subconscious: The Dream World”. It’s made by the same devs as Outside it’s pretty cool you can basically do whatever you want.

    • Wait If your talking about lucid drreaming thats Creative mode, and subconcious is normal dreams

  • I HAVE to know the name of the song in the end PLEASE I BEG YOU

  • where does the opening track come from? sounds so familiar

  • Yooo he used Ark

  • They look like they’re wearing Scottish bonnets

  • I call it luck those birds spec'd into something useless, right before the ban (without knowing it would come) if that ban never came, birds wouldn't had a choice to review their stats, but their main competitor got banned and so they were free to rule the sky's

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  • Everyone loves dragons, I've got to wonder why the devs removed them from the game?

  • 5:54 It’s always too hot or too cold in ark

  • I feel like I’m watching someone play the isle


  • 4:10 wait I know that music

  • Yes finally, ark

  • They were but they aren’t viable in the current meta

  • Will you be doing videos on the Mythical DLCs? Dragons, unicorns, centaurs and other dlc characters would make fine additions to Outside imo

  • What about a T-rectadactyl?

  • Quack

  • Ah, the ark reference. Been waiting to see one of those.

  • I'm still waiting for a software developer to team up with Tier Zoo to give us Outside, the game

  • Flight's been unlocked by the human playerbase. Just not through conventional means.

  • The bo2 music 🤯💯🥳🔥💥🥶

  • Can you do a video on hive animals like bees, ants and termites.

  • 5:48 any ark players here?

  • 5:14 ahhh I see what you did there

  • .

  • I always loved how we have real dragons and yet i have not seen one dragon that could fly in any book/movie/art

  • God imagine being an insect main...

  • Humans unlocked the flight ability for specialist builds like Pilots in 1903

  • 5:21 lol goteem

  • Not enough dino train 4/10

  • Add a stamina stat also do on all types of dino vids like these keep up the good work do Large therapods so T. rex spinosaurus giganotosaurus and others and do the others

  • To all those people who say government owned media is bad look at the amount of bbc documentaries you will be pleasantly surprised

  • here after all dinosaurs have feathers

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  • My nana used to hold a massive record for long lived human play through with a record of 100 years

  • Sad that therpy removed them from the game

  • i've probably watched this video like 6+ times at this point, and this is the first time i'm understanding that pterosaur =/= dinosaurs lol

  • It's true I'm op

  • P-Tear-o-Saurs with their flimsy membranes.

  • i like your use of spore DS edition OST, funny man

  • Oh hey it's Kyogres ancestor totally not Mew those were my R E L A T I V E S as I'm a Dinosaur myself but I played a long time before since who the heck would make land besides me right??

    • Neat glad that regy gegese helped you toe the Earth that is I don't know what this joke is

  • My fave pterosaur build were the azarchiad builds. Especially the Hatzegotpteryx build from the Europe server. They used a update of the scavenger build to eliminate smaller players, especially the dwarf dinosaur builds. Like the modern stork build but the size of a giraffe.

  • 5:15 I see what you did there

  • 0:37 The game is called "outside"? 🤔😗

  • Bro why dose your game look so good

  • This guy knows all the in and outs you sure he isn’t a developer it’s just too much information to know by one player

  • This is the metaphor that just keeps giving.

  • "In life, he was the most magnificent beast ever to take to the wing. He ruled the skies supreme, flying far and wide over the lands of the dinosaurs. This is the story of the last great journey this giant will ever make."

  • Microraptor OP

  • You wrote pterodactyl instead of pterosaur pterodactyl is a dinosaur

  • I’d go allo or Deinonychus

  • T-Rex: No they were just annoying birds